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The idea of combining classic haute couture and its craftsmanship with sustainability and inspirations from nature was already on my mind during my Fashion Design Bachelor

at the AMD in Munich. Driven by my time as Second Assistant at Iris van Herpen in Amsterdam, I started experimenting with colors and materials to develop a first collection following this principle. 

Early on, I asked myself whether such an undertaking would also be possible on a larger scale. To answer this question and to expand my knowledge of business administration and the economic background of the fashion industry I did my Master's Degree in 'Multichannel Trade Management in the Textile Industry' at the HAW in Hamburg. 

Within my studies I got more and more aware of the importance of a

sustainable design process to secure a fair textile chain - therefore, as part of my master's thesis, I developed a sustainability catalog for companies in the fashion industry in order to operate on the basis of the three pillars of sustainability in the long term. This catalog includes concrete task packages for each stage of the value chain with the goal of gradually operating in the spirit of and in harmony with nature. 

Currently I am working as a design assistant for the Munich-based luxury company Allude which exclusively works with cashmere  and is intensively working on improving their sustainable impact along its own value chain. 

 Valerius is my attempt to change the fashion industry and especially the related craftsmanship in a sustainable way and to show that a balance between economic action and the protection of natural and social resources is possible.

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